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Machine parts processing, how to choose the right tool?


Machine parts processing, how to choose the right tool


Mechanical parts processing to choose what tool mainly according to its processing materials and processing technology to decide.  Selecting the right tool in machining machine parts can not only improve the machining efficiency and quality, but also improve the service life of the tool.  


1. Carbon steel is a common machining material in machining, so most of the cutting tools are based on optimized carbon steel processing design.  The tool grade shall be selected according to the material to be processed.  Tool manufacturers offer a range of tool bodies and associated tools for machining materials as diverse as aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, titanium alloys, etc.  Most brands have a range of knives that indicate which materials are suitable for processing.  The workpiece material of high hardness should use the tool of higher hardness to process, the hardness of the tool material is higher, its wear resistance is better.  Diamond tools are suitable for processing various wear-resistant nonmetals, such as FRP powder metallurgy blanks, ceramic materials, etc.  Coating tools can be used for high-speed machining of various steel and cast iron, heat-resistant alloys and non-ferrous metals.  Carbide cutting tools are mainly used for processing cast iron, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.  

2. In addition to the choice of tool according to the material processed, there are also very important processing methods, especially some unconventional cutting methods, for some difficult to process materials, is very important.  

3. Choose the tool according to what kind of heat treatment the material has undergone.  

4. According to the tolerance and precision requirements marked on the drawing to select the cutter.  

5. According to the number of mechanical parts processing is mass production or small batch production, to select the appropriate tool.