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How to maintain the gantry milling machine?

  The normal protection of the gantry milling machine is also very important. Many common problems are caused by ignoring the normal protection. If the use of the gantry milling machine is used in accordance with the scientific operation guide and the protection rules and regulations, it can prevent many In doubt, reduce economic losses.
  Gantry milling machine processing is a kind of leading processing equipment with high degree of automation, messy structure and expensive price. It plays an infinite role in modern industrial production. In order to give full play to the effectiveness of CNC gantry milling machine processing, the usual protection and maintenance of the machine tool should be done. It is very important to reduce the defect rate of CNC gantry milling machine processing

  The overall structure of the gantry milling machine processing is composed of a gantry frame. The gantry frame is composed of double columns, beams, connecting beams, top beams, top cover and milling head rams to form a rigid structure. The beams move up and down along the column guide rails, and a vertical beam is equipped on the beams. High-power multi-function ram-type boring and milling head. The boring and milling head slide moves along the beam guide rail and moves up and down. The gantry structure moves longitudinally along the bed.

  When operating a gantry milling machine, the operator should understand the standards of the machine tool used. Such as the power of the spindle driving motor, the range of the spindle speed, the feed rate, the stroke range of the machine tool, the carrying capacity of the worktable, the maximum tool size and the maximum tool quality allowed by ATC. It is also necessary to understand the position of each oil standard and what brand of smooth oil is used.
  Before operating the machine tool, it is necessary to acknowledge whether the smooth oil level of the spindle, guide rail and other parts meets the requirements, and whether the air pressure meets the requirements. The engine bed can be used only after acknowledging compliance with the requirements. And let the machine idle for 3 minutes. Check whether the machine tool is abnormal.
  In addition, keep the environment around the machine tool clean, and the gantry milling machine should regularly remove dust in order to prevent the cooling air passage from being unsmooth, causing the temperature in the CNC cabinet to be too high and the system can not operate normally. The circuit boards and electrical components in the electrical cabinet should also be dusted regularly to ensure the normal operation of the electrical system.