• Deformation is inevitable in the processing of parts, we must first understand what causes the deformation of parts, according to the processing technology and deformation factors to prevent and reduce the deformation of mechanical parts in the process of processing.


  • Due to the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, technology continues to develop in the direction of higher precision and higher efficiency. Many industries need high-speed, high-precision equipment to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their products, and they also need a large number of precision parts. So what matters should be paid attention to when processing precision parts?


  • In the process of parts processing operations, CNC operators conduct self-inspection through the following 8 items, which can reduce unnecessary low-level errors in CNC parts processing.


  • In many parts processing, we will use CNC four-axis machining center. The CNC four-axis machining center has an additional rotating axis, which is not only convenient for operation and accurate positioning, but also has the following advantages:


  • In the process of processing aluminum, plastic or steel parts, how to improve the appearance of parts, we can do the following procedures to control the appearance quality:


  • CNC technology is widely used in the machining of 3C product fuselages and parts. With the development of the 3C industry, it has also achieved fission-type growth.